About Me

I am an MRes student supervised by Dr. Edoardo Maria Ponti in University of Edinburgh. I was a research assistant in WestlakeNLP supervised by Prof. Yue Zhang. Before that, I was a MSc student in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, and my thesis is supervised by Prof. Frank Keller.

My current research interest is about alignment and grounding current Large Language Models across languages and cultures. My long term research goal is to make contribution to build general-purpose artificial intelligence to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds better. Specifically, the generation of language models should be controlled, and the knowledge of the language models should be grounded to real world in diverse cultures and values. I have research experience about controlled text generation, multi-modal learning, and cross-lingual transfer. You can view my CV.

My name in Chinese is 胡涵旭.


  • MRes in ILCC, University of Edinburgh, 2023.9 - 2024.9 (expected)
  • MSc in Computer Science, University of Edinburgh, 2021.9 - 2022.11, Distinction Degree
  • Bachelor in Measurement, Control Technology, and Instrument, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 2017.9 - 2021.6, rank 2/50

Honors & Awards

  • (2022) IBM Third Place Prize for Best Project in MLP Course (Top%2)
  • (2019) First Class School Scholarship (awarded to 5%)

Working Experience

  • Research Assistant at WestlakeNLP, supervised by Prof. Yue Zhang, 2022 Oct - Present.
  • Research Internship at PCA Lab, supervised by Dr. Xiushen Wei, 2021 May - 2021 Sept.

Publication and Pre-prints